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A New Standard of Untapped High-Grade Gold Assets

Becoming A World Leader In Responsible Mining Operations, Producing Exceptional Tier 1 Gold Assets

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and grow sustainable benefit for communities and the environment, through responsible development of gold assets.


Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)'s Untapped Potential

Ivanhoe Set to Commission world’s 2nd largest copper mine

“The copper grade at Kakula is ultra-high at 6.6% over the first five years of production, a grade that is an order of magnitude higher than the majority of the world’s other major copper mines”

- Robert Friedland, Ivanhoe Chairman & Founder

Barrick’s Kibali mine, one of the world’s largest gold mines:

Kibali “one of Barrick’s elite corps of Tier One mines… is a global leader in automation and continues to improve efficiency and productivity through ongoing technological innovation.”

- Mark Bristow, Barrick Gold CEO

First Democratic Transition of Power in 60 Years

For the first time since independence in 1960, there was a peaceful transfer of political power. In January 2019, the DRC voted in Felix Tshisekedi as President and current chair of the African Union. This sets the stage for the huge potential of the Congo to finally be realized.


A golden age of discovery in Africa is beginning. The mineral wealth of Africa is unmatched worldwide yet highly underexplored. High grades and large deposits are a signature of this eastern district of DRC.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo represents the final frontier for the discovery of world-class mineral properties, estimated to have over US$24 trillion in untapped mineral deposits making it one of the most mineral-rich countries in the world.

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